MetalGreymon (Vaccine)

Giga Destroyer is Azura's neutral attack, Azura summons MetalGreymon (Vaccine) to use Giga Destroyer onto opponents.


  1. Giga Destroyer - Default
  2. Double Cutters - Azura attacks using her arms and wings. Tapping the B-Button three times will make Azura lunge her right arm forward, then swing with her left arm, and end with her kicking up into the air, in a three-move combo. By holding the B-Button and releasing it, she will put her hands together and then release her two arm-feathers as a projectile attack. Similar to the Boomerang Cutter, these feathers fly through the air and eventually come back.
  3. Sing - Azura sings to double her attack damage. But it will give her a little bit of damage as well.
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