Cuphead is the main protagonist of the videogame of same name

Attacks Edit

Projectile = A: Peashooter B: Red Shards

Specials Edit

Projectile = Does The Red Bullet move he does in aerial levels in his home videogame franchise

Misc = assists Mugman, who unleashes a barrage of Peashooter attacks

Daze = Gorgon Cala Maria appears in the background and turns the opponent to stone, however, Cala can be defeated before this happens with 1 hit, once she's defeated, her body will turn to stone and break and her head will gradually glide into the abyss while her attack backfires at Cuphead

Projectile = Djimmi's Mugman Marionette appears at the bottom of the screen and fires 10 Peashooter shots upwards

Hypers Edit

Misc = Cuphead Shoop da Whoops the opponent with a mega beam of milk (1 of his other attacks in The game)

Misc = Weepy appears in the middle of the stage and rains down tears on Cuphead and the opponent, though pink tears can be parried just like in the boss fight in the Cuphead game, however, Weepy can be defeated just like Cala Maria

Crush = Goopy Le Grande's Tombstone appears in the middle of the background and will move back and forth to crush the opponent, he'll stay on the stage until it's attacked 3 Times by the opponent, then the tombstone will tear apart in 1 final attempt to crush the opponent

Trivia Edit

Cuphead is based on Mickey Mouse

Mugman, 1 of Cuphead's assists, is based on Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, as he shares the same color scheme and is Cuphead's BF, as Oswald is Mickey's Friend, and Cuphead is based on Mickey

Cala Maria, another assist, is a reference to Medusa

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