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Asendo (Commonly known as Aqua-Man in Japanese) is a playable fighter and opponent in M.U.G.E.N.


Punch = Asendo punches his enemy. Control to punch is = P.

Block = Asendo blocks his body. Will still get hurt but -1 damage is taken. -10 if your fighting a big enemy and insta-kill if hit by Kraidgeif or Globotron. Control to block is = I. X to superblock. Causing -1 damage from all enemies and -10 damage from Kraidgeif or Globotron.

Blind = Asendo turns into a fragile foam. On contact, the foam will explode and all enemies will be frozen. Asendo quickly reforms after the explosion. Asendo can deal heavy damage when hitting an enemy.


  • When Asendo is picked as an opponent, the music will change. It will be You're Izayoi in Story Mode and A remastered battle theme for Kraidgeif in Co-op.
  • To listen to both battle themes, please click on these links: <-- Co-Op Mode <-- Story Mode

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